An Intervention is a structured 4-step process guided by a professional interventionist, where family and friends seek to motivate an impaired loved one to seek help when they are not actively seeking help for themselves.

Certified Interventionists

A New Hope Recovery Services provides Interventions for Substance Use Disorders (drugs and alcohol addiction), Process/Behavioral Addictions (sex addiction, overeating, gambling, etc.) and Mental Health conditions (Bipolar, OCD, etc.).

We believe that an Intervention is a loving and lifesaving act.  The goal of the intervention is to get your loved one the help they need as soon as possible. As experienced and accredited professionals, we use an integrative therapeutic approach throughout the entire process. Our evidence-based therapeutic techniques are aimed at providing a positive outcome for the entire family system.

Our four-step process is designed to motivate the loved one to seek help through professional treatment with a predetermined or prearranged provider.

Our Four Step Process

Step One:

Assessment, Planning
and Treatment Placement

Our licensed professionals will collect information on the impaired person in order to formulate a comprehensive diagnosis and begin to develop a therapeutic plan for the intervention.

An intervention team will be assembled, and a date, location and time will be chosen for the intervention. Our team will provide referrals for the most clinically and financially appropriate treatment centers.

Step Two:


Prior to the intervention the team will meet with the interventionist and finalize all preparations for the intervention in order to maximize the potential for success. This meeting can be anywhere from 1-6 hours and is a crucial part of the process.  

Step Three:

The Intervention

The interventionist and the team will address the impaired loved one in a pre-planned and structured intervention.

Step Four:

Transport to treatment

Once the intervention is completed, the interventionist will transport the impaired loved one to the predetermined treatment center and serve as a liaison between the family and the treatment center.

Additional Services

A New Hope Recovery offers additional intervention services including:
  • Registered Nurse assessment and escort to detox or treatment
  • Concierge and customized travel arrangements
  • Additional intervention staff

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