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A New Hope Recovery Services is a multidisciplinary team of behavioral health professionals who advocate for individuals and families struggling with substance use and other problematic behavioral issues.

David Gulden

Interventionist, Psychotherapist & Evaluator


David is a dual-licensed therapist, certified interventionist, professional evaluator and the owner of A New Hope Recovery Services, located in Winter Park, FL. For over a decade, David has been dedicated to the recovery process. Throughout his career, David has worked for multiple prominent national treatment providers, holding clinical positions such as primary therapist, program manager, family-program director, and clinical director. David trained with some of the leading experts in the intervention field and became a certified professional interventionist in 2017. David’s passion is helping individuals and families in crisis due the substance use or other problematic behaviors of a friend or loved one.

David Gulden is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor (qualified supervisor), Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (qualified supervisor), Certified Master’s Level Addictions Professional, Nationally Certified Counselor, Certified Case Manager Interventionist, Master’s-Level, Board-Certified TeleMental Health Provider, and Substance Abuse Professional.


Abby Gulden, RN

Staff Nurse - Case Manager

Abby has years of experience in the recovery field. She earned a Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree from the University of Central Florida and holds Multi-State Compact Registered Nurse Licensure. Previous to her nursing career, Abby graduated from the University of Newcastle, New South Wales, Australia where she earned a Master of Science degree in Environmental and Business Management. She earned her BA degree in Environmental Studies at Brevard College in Brevard, NC.

With clinical experience as an Emergency Department nurse in the Orlando area, Abby combines her clinical and assessment skills with personalized, professional level case management. As part of a holistic medical and mental health treatment team, we can develop a tailored treatment and case management plan that increases chances of success through ongoing monitoring and by supplementing accountability throughout the recovery process. Throughout her career, Abby has had the opportunity to advocate for patients at local, state and national levels in matters related to addiction and public health and continues to participate and contribute to research and development for medical director meetings and emergency protocols for local Emergency Medical Service Departments.

A New Hope Recovery Services

About Us

At New Hope Recovery Services, we are committed to giving our clients the best care throughout the entire recovery process, which is why every team member is accredited and licensed in their field of expertise. 

It’s important to us that you know you are receiving qualified, professional, accountable and credible services and support throughout this very personal journey.

 Our clinical staff hold the following licenses, certifications and accreditations :

  • LMHC – Licensed Mental Health Counselor 
  • LMFT – Marriage and Family Therapist 
  • MCAP – Masters Level Certified Addiction Professional 
  • NCC – National Certified Counselor 
  • CCMI-M – Certified Case Manager Interventionist, Masters Level 
  • BC-TMH – Board Certified TeleMental Health Provider 
  • SAP – Substance Abuse Professional 
  • RN – Registered Nurse

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