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Many insurance plans cover substance use disorder treatment to some degree, but at this time, interventions are not covered by insurance. 

There is no time like the present. Addiction is most often a life and death situation. Our licensed, professional clinicians are available Nationwide to facilitate an intervention 48-72 hours following the first call. We work with adults of all ages (18 & up) and adolescents 13-17, providing interventions, treatment placement, and transport. Registered Nurse escorts are available if deemed medically necessary.

Because we are Licensed Master Level Clinicians, we are trained to assist clients and families who have complex issues. This is an important factor in being able to assess and find the best fit treatment and to successfully intervene with people who have mental health issues such as a dual diagnoses or clients with issues other than substance abuse. We work with people who have mental health disorders, eating disorders, sex or love addictions, technology-based addictions, gambling, or other problematic behavioral issues.  

There are many factors we consider in determining if a professional intervention is appropriate for our prospective families and their loved ones.  At A New Hope Recovery Services, we provide an initial phone consultation  with a licensed therapist or registered nurse to determine if an intervention is indicated. If we are not confident that an intervention is appropriate, we do not proceed and offer potential resources that would best fit the clinical presentation. Every family system is unique, and we work with those differences and needs.

Addiction is often referred to as a family disease because it often negatively affects more than just the person using substances. Our intervention model utilizes evidenced-based motivational techniques with a family-systems approach in order to create an opening for the impaired person to accept and enter professional treatment at the appropriate level of care.  Over 90 % of our interventions result in the impaired person accepting and entering treatment on the day of the intervention. We educate, train, and guide each family throughout the process and create a plan for every foreseeable contingency. In the rare case that impaired person does not say yes immediately, they usually do within days or weeks of the intervention if the system supports recovery.

During the pre-intervention planning phase, we use our expert clinical judgement based upon the identified patient’s unique circumstances including presenting issues, age, gender, finances/insurance, and bed availability at the time. We utilize our vast network of facilities and present a minimum of three different options for treatment to the family and help them make the decision.

A New Hope Recovery Services is an independent entity and advocates exclusively for our clients. We are not employed by, nor do we receive any form of payment or compensation from any treatment center or outside agent for treatment placement or referrals.

Once a treatment center has been chosen, we coordinate all aspects of the admissions process. Following the intervention, we serve as a liaison between the family and the treatment center throughout treatment.

We understand the sensitive nature of your family’s situation. Our accredited and licensed professionals are both discreet and confidential. All information gathered during the preparation for the intervention and the intervention process itself is held in strict confidentiality between the family, A New Hope Recovery Services, and the treatment center.

Call our toll-free number, text, or email us to speak with a professional Interventionist. We will discuss whether the intervention process is appropriate for your situation. If so, we will explain next steps needed to take in order to start the process and make the intervention successful on a timeline that is appropriate, often within 48-72 of your initial call.

Although our office is located in Central Florida, all of our initial meetings and pre-planning can take place via phone or telehealth. We have a HIPAA compliant platform that is secure and will maintain your confidentiality. The intervention will need to be face-to-face, and we are fully vaccinated and available to travel anywhere that the impaired individual and loved ones are able to assemble. We provide transportation to treatment facilities for individuals A New Hope Recovery offers additional intervention services including Registered Nurse assessment and escort to detox or treatment, concierge and customized travel arrangements, and additional intervention staff for additional safety or if it is deemed clinically appropriate based on the age, gender, or clinical presentation of the identified patient.

While families often want to wait until a special event or holiday has passed before addressing an individual’s substance use or behavioral addictions, if an Intervention is necessary, then it has become a life or death situation. Therefore, we believe it is best performed as soon as possible to ensure the health and safety of the impaired individual and a positive outcome for the entire family-system.

Note: A family-system can be best understood as a complex social-emotional organization in where individuals behaviors or interactions influences each other’s behavior.

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