Understanding Sex Addiction

How can someone be addicted to sex? That’s a good question. Even mentioning the term “sex addiction” can elicit snickers. That’s completely understandable. Sex is still difficult to discuss; it’s private and embarrassing. 

A common belief is that a person can only get addicted to drugs, tobacco, or alcohol. The opioid addiction crisis has taken center stage in the news. Drug addiction is being drummed into us by the media and by doctors. It’s human nature to remember what we’ve seen and heard last. When we hear about another type of addiction, we have difficulty processing its meaning.

Sex Addiction Is No Different From Any Other Addiction

Any kind of addiction begins the same way and invariably creates the same results and consequences. There’s a physiological pattern to addiction; this is true no matter the catalyst. This means that a person can get addicted to anything, whether or not it’s good for them.  

When pleasure is experienced from any source, dopamine, a neurotransmitter, is released into the brain. The brain then associates the release of dopamine with joy and creates a reward system. Addiction occurs when the reward system is fueled with dopamine at an unhealthy rate. Soon, the person seeks out the object of their addiction too frequently as to cause suffering and hardship.

Talking About Sex Addiction Is Taboo Until It’s Too Late

The depiction of sex is everywhere via television shows, movies, pornographic publications, etc. However, there’s a dichotomy of acceptance. While some rejoice in this openness about sex, others remain embarrassed by it. Further, having such widespread exposure to sex can desensitize a person and make them more prone to sex addiction.

If someone thinks they may have a problem with sexual addiction, how do they get help? It’s easy and prideful to admit sexual prowess; it’s difficult to admit you may have a compulsive sexual behavioral problem. To some, addiction is synonymous with weakness.  

What if you think your partner is exhibiting compulsive sexual behaviors? A New Hope Recovery can provide information and help. We are trained to conduct interventions for sexual addiction.

What Does an Intervention for Sex Addiction Look Like?

Addiction is addiction. An intervention for sex addiction is the same as an intervention for any other type of addiction. A New Hope Recovery uses its proven four-step intervention process.  

There’s a preconceived and inaccurate idea of interventions mainly due to television shows. Contrary to popular belief, an intervention is not a full-on attack on the struggling person. Instead, an intervention is a loving act with the goal of rescuing that person from the paradoxical cycle of addiction.

Sexual Addiction Is Complex

We’ve talked about addiction in the broader sense. You know how pleasure releases dopamine in the brain. By its sheer nature, the ultimate goal of the sex act is pleasure. This is true for men and women. From foreplay to climax, each move and each touch offers pleasure. It can even begin with the first meeting. Flirting is exciting and stimulating. The anticipation of what’s to come is a prelude to the final result.

Sex is a normal part of life. Human sexuality begins at puberty and lasts a lifetime. Sexual addiction can start innocently in adolescence. Looking at pornography magazines is a common forerunner of addiction. This is soon replaced by watching videos.   

When Adults Become Addicted to Sex

There can be many factors that cause sex addiction. Frustration in a stale marriage can lead to a person deriving self-pleasure from various sources. Eventually, these materials aren’t enough to satisfy their ever-growing insatiable sexual appetite. Eventually, the only recourse is to find a new partner with whom to engage in the sexual act.    

When the craving becomes too intense, and there is no available outlet, the person might enlist an escort service or sex worker. One component of all addictions is rationalization. A person with any addiction is a master at justifying their actions to themselves and others. It’s only when a catastrophic consequence occurs do they seek help. This is known as “hitting bottom.”

It’s Never Too Late to Get Help

You may feel as though you’re too far gone to get help, but nothing is further from the truth. You are worth saving, and your life has value. There’s no shame in asking for help; quite the opposite. Asking for help is a sign of strength and fortitude.  

Speaking with the knowledgeable staff at A New Hope Recovery will immediately put your mind at ease. Just hearing a friendly voice over the phone works magic. You’ll finally have a plan of action and a road map to your treatment and recovery. Don’t let sex addiction win. Instead, let an addiction specialist guide you to healing and a healthy life.

At A New Hope Recovery, we feel that sex addiction is a treatable condition, just like any other disease. We are methodical in how we conduct an intervention, which cumulates in successful treatment and recovery. You are not alone. Our highly trained staff will be with you every step of the way. We pride ourselves on being compassionate, caring, understanding, professional, and always available to answer questions. Being addicted to sex should not carry shame. Helping people is our business, and we will never judge you for your situation. Call A New Hope Recovery today at (407) 501-8490 for more information on our services and how we can help you or your loved one.